Flange Management for the Engineer – Technical and Practical


Available in Aberdeen, Teesside, Yorkshire, Humberside and on your site.

Course objectives:

The trainee is aware of the importance of Health and Safety in the Workplace.

ASME Standards & Certification has published a second and much expanded edition of the standard PCC-1-2013 that provides the integrity and efficiency of bolted joints in pressure vessels and piping. This course provides practical and theoretical knowledge of current ASME Initiatives in Joint Integrity focusing on the Training and Competence Standards ref PCC-1-2013 Appendix A.

Also included are practical site experience specific to Turnaround case studies and Best Practice Experiences.

Latest Energy industry Guidelines will also be used to demonstrate common standards.

Course duration: 1 Day
Certificate: Energy Institute

  • Key safety issues within the Joint Integrity Industry
  • Acceptable level of Flange Imperfections
  • Guidelines for Allowable Gasket Contact Surface Flatness and Defect Depth
  • Flange Joint Alignment Guidelines
  • Hardened Washer Usage Guidelines and Specification
  • Alternative Flange Bolt Assembly Patterns
  • Assembly Bolt Load / Calculation Methods
  • Gasket types and materials – Pressure and temperature
  • Flange Joint Leak Report
  • Training and Certification Standards
  • Flange Completion Certificates and Tagging

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