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Poor flange assembly is the most common cause of gasket leakage and yet experience shows that good practice is relatively simple to achieve: Trained technicians working to clear procedures and with the correct equipment will result in a properly assembled flange.

Image above illustrates products available via The Academy of Joint Integrity

The Academy of Joint Integrity can provide a number of products and services that help to ensure that the flange is properly aligned and correctly assembled / tightened using validated torque values.


  • Lubricant – Flex-Moly
  • Lubricant – Flex-Copper
  • Flange Tags
  • Flange Gap Tool
  • Torque Slide Rule
  • Gasket Design Criteria Technical Brochure


  • Engineering Drawings
  • Bolt Torque and Load Calculations
  • Flange Integrity Calculations
  • Failure Mode Analysis
  • Gasket Selection/Specification and Installation
  • Pressure Vessel Design Review (flange)
  • Technical Consultation
  • Flange Management Software

In addition, all candidates attending one of our Joint Integrity training courses will receive a Training Toolkit upon successful course completion which includes:

  • Flange Gap Tool
  • Torque Slide Rule
  • Gasket Identification – Guide Ring Colour Coding Guide
  • Gasket Installation Guide

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