“SABIC on Teesside takes process safety as a priority and this training is part of our commitment to consistently enhancing the competency of technicians and others involved in operations on our top tier COMAH site.

We engaged with the Academy as a result of its significant industrial experience in this area, both in terms of training and its parent company Flexitallic’s global sealing industry expertise.  The training was very beneficial and supports our implementation of a site-based competence assurance programme to maintain the high standards set out by the programme”

Craig Hargreaves, Technical Training and Competence Assurance Manager, SABIC

“As a top tier COMAH site we commissioned the Academy of Joint Integrity to deliver a suite of  Energy Institute Certified Flange Integrity/ Sealing Technology Training Courses to our Operators and Maintenance Staff. Delivery was both professional and tailored to meet site needs, and met with HSE compliance pre requisites. We would certainly recommend the Academy for any COMAH facility as they have a wealth of experience in the subject area, also the training rigs visual display , permits users to view what is happening to the components during the assembly and tightening operation”

Andrew Purvis, Quality/Training Mangaer – Chemoxy International Ltd

“An engaging and informative training course which provided valuable insight and challenged preconceptions around the assembly and integrity of bolted joints”

Randall MacDonald – Engineering Manager, Erdington

“Thanks for doing the training on Friday. I have had excellent feedback from all of the guys who attended the course, who have all said it was one of the best courses they have done in a long time and will come in very useful for them.”

Jon Watson, Maintenance Planner, Perstorp UK Ltd

“I never cease to be impressed with the instrumented flange demo unit and the other delegates clearly enjoyed that as well. I find the way you can combine new innovations into existing products to provide high integrity solutions to aging plant very interesting.”

Mike Riach, Technical Authority – Topside Bolting, STORK

“The training course was very successful amongst our guys and put Star Refrigeration in a good position with all aspects of flanging, bolting, jointing etc and the course was well presented, interesting and worthwhile for me and my colleagues.”

Derek Barclay, Production Manager, Star Refrigeration Ltd

“Thanks again for the course last week -it was very informative and helpful, made me realise there’s a lot more to making a seal than just swinging on a spanner!”

Dan Munroe (attended MJI10/MJI19 course)