Bolted Joint Technology
2 October 2018

With applications in the oil, gas and petrochemical industries, bolted joints are used ubiquitously across a variety of pressure systems and environments. However, inadequate selection, fitting and maintenance of these joints can lead to leakages and dangerous emissions, necessitating plant downtime, costly repairs and subsequent environmental cleanup.

This one day seminar will review the available technologies for bolted joints and outline what the industry is doing with regards to safer and more cost effective joints.

Get a clear guidance for optimal design, choice, installation and inspection of bolted joints that will enable you to reduce the cost of using these technologies whilst maintaining safety. Plus, hear insights and best practice from operators and the industry regulator.

Dene Halkyard, Applications Engineering Manager, Flexitallic UK Ltd.
Paul Stanworth, HM Specialist Inspector of Health and Safety, Hazardous Industries Directorate, Chemical Explosives and Microbiological Hazards Division (CEMHD), Health and Safety Executive
Gary Milne, Director, The Academy of Joint Integrity
Ian Mander, Technical Engineer – Bolt Tensioning Systems, Nord-Lock Ltd
Alex Berry, Senior Fixed Equipment Engineer, P66
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