Gasket Installation Supervision

We offer experienced Integrity Engineers to supervise gasket installation –
get it right first time!

One of the most common type of leaks repaired by Seal and Gasket companies is where a gasket has failed.

The Gasket Assurance Program from the Academy of Joint Integrity is cost effective.

For the gasket to perform as designed, correct assembly of the joint is crucial. This process is subject to many variables, including the condition and specification of all the components, the flange surface finish, flange alignment, the bolt condition, the assembly lubrication, tightening procedures, calibration of the tightening tools, the accessibility of the fasteners, the environment, and crucially the competence of the assembly personnel.

The Academy of Joint Integrity can provide expert supervisory support to ensure the Gasket is installed to latest Industry Best Practice Guidelines, minimising leakage and costly re work – Get it right first time philosophy – Training and Supervision is not expensive – re work is!

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