The Spiral Wound Gasket invented by Flexitallic, continues to underpin Leak Free Flanged Bolted Connections.  Compression and Methane leakage performance tests are critical to ensure the competent bolting contractors achieve a right first time connection. Re work and re tightening can result in huge safety/ time and cost issues delaying projects and providing a backlog in maintenance.

A requirement of any gasket is the ability to recover under variable loads. The effects of pressure and temperature fluctuations, the temperature difference across the flange face, along with flange rotation, bolt stress relaxation and creep, demand a gasket with adequate flexibility and recovery, to maintain a seal under variable working conditions.

Please note attached document specifically advised as a key note to purchasing authorities who may find being frugal during the purchasing phase, may result in costly re work or loss of containment.  Make sure you are confident in your purchasing decision as all Spiral Wound Gaskets are not manufactured the same.

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Flexitallic Spiral Wound Gasket – ECITB Quality Statement