JIMS – The Benefits Over Excel

As a comparison, the following lists the feature benefits of JIMS over Excel.

  • 1. Excel is only a single user system for collecting information – whereas JIMS is a multi-user workflow based data capture tool, allowing more than one user to work on the system at a time
  • 2. Excel has a tabular like interface which is not very intuitive for highlighting key information –whereas JIMS is built to present key information targeted at the users needs
  • 3. Excel does not provide for multi user collaboration due to it’s single user nature, where JIMS does cater for this
  • 4. Excel is a single point of failure as it is either stored on a user’s computer or a network drive whereas JIMS is a web based highly available and resilient system with built in redundancy and backup/restore capability
  • 5. Excel has a very basic permissions model – whereas JIMS has a sophisticated role based permissions model
  • 6. Excel is not very portable in that in that it can only be used a desktop/laptop PC – whereas JIMS is web based and can be used on multiple devices
  • 7. Excel cannot easily interface with other systems – whereas JIMS has a layer of web services that can interact with other application

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