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The Academy Of Joint Integrity


The following ECITB Courses are regularly delivered all year at our Training Locations throughout the UK:

Training locations across the UK: Aberdeen, Teesside, Yorkshire, Humberside, Midlands, Ellesmere Port – and available on your site

The Academy of Joint Integrity is a member of the Flexitallic Group of companies, and was created to provide international accredited/certified training courses in Flange Integrity and Sealing Technology.

Bolted flanged connections have been identified as a major safety issue in all industries, while ageing assets provide specific challenges with corrosion and challenging fabric maintenance issues, the Academy provides an insight into solutions for these challenging conditions.

Training can be offered in Aberdeen, Teesside, Yorkshire, Humberside, Midlands and Ellesmere Port and overseas locations utilising specialist mobile training rigs.

Free site Integrity surveys are available providing cost effective proposals for Integrity Management solutions, with a focus on safety and compliance directives.


Flexitallic provides a range of solutions to your sealing problems.
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Latest News from the Academy

IMECHE Bolted Joint Technology 2018

Bolted Joint Technology 2 October 2018 Sheffield With applications in the oil, gas and petrochemical industries, bolted joints are used ubiquitously across a variety of pressure systems and environments. However, inadequate selection, fitting and maintenance of these joints can lead to leakages and dangerous emissions, necessitating plant downtime, costly repairs and subsequent environmental cleanup. This one day [...]

The Academy of Joint Integrity – proud associate members of EEMUA

The Academy of Joint Integrity are now proud associate members of EEMUA, who have been at the forefront of establishing safe practice across a range of industries and technical disciplines; from tank storage to alarm management, from working in hazardous areas to ensuring the integrity of ageing plant, demonstrating its members’ involvement in tackling the issues of [...]

“Thanks for doing the training on Friday. I have had excellent feedback from all of the guys who attended the course, who have all said it was one of the best courses they have done in a long time and will come in very useful for them.”
Jon Watson, Maintenance Planner, Perstorp UK Ltd
“I never cease to be impressed with the instrumented flange demo unit and the other delegates clearly enjoyed that as well. I find the way you can combine new innovations into existing products to provide high integrity solutions to aging plant very interesting.”
Mike Riach, Technical Authority - Topside Bolting, STORK
“The training course was very successful amongst our guys and put Star Refrigeration in a good position with all aspects of flanging, bolting, jointing etc and the course was well presented, interesting and worthwhile for me and my colleagues.”
Derek Barclay, Production Manager, Star Refrigeration Ltd
“Just a quick note to say thanks for your flexibility and professionalism during the delivery of our Integrity of Bolted Joint and Tri – Clover training.”
Bill Beattie - Learning and Development Consultant – GSK